Friday, 7 October 2011

Bouncing Ball

The obligatory Bouncing Ball

The obligatory bouncing ball animation for our animation course, yay lol. Sorry about the quality and jumpyness, the cameras we used weren't too great, and I had to save it as a WMV because AVI's are absolutely massive.

3rd time animating on paper, this time with a professional light box and peg bar, yay! We got given a free peg bar and a Col-Erase pencil from our Uni. This was animated on two's (so basically, there are only 12 frames in this, but it's still 25 frames a second because I doubled up each frame to match the standard PAL FPS (I think the framerate in America is something like 30FPS? But in the UK, we use 25FPS)).

My next project is to do a 125 frame animation to do with Henry the 8th LOL, on paper.

Oh, this is a tennis ball by the way, so I didn't add much squash and stretch to it since they are generally pretty sturdy.

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